To change Maldives to an equal and interconnected small island nation with better prospects, enlightened with the environmental changes, not leaving anyone behind, and abiding by the principles of social services, economic opportunities, social justice, good governance, environment protection, respecting human right.


To build an interconnected and equal small island nation with better prospects and not leave anyone behind.


1. Do the necessary researches to establish the National Development Plan, make the development plans with the assistance of relevant authorities, to work with relevant government authorities to ensure their development plans and milestones meet with the national development milestones.
2.  Arrange the development projects according to the priority levels of the projects.
3.  Work with the relevant authorities to get the finances to implement the development projects.
4.  Create pipelines for the development projects requiring international aid and to discuss and provide guidance to use the international aid for the relevant authorities.
5. Work with the relevant authorities to establish development projects and to provide the technical support and guidance to the government authorities.
6.  Evaluate the National Development Plan, Public Sector Investment Program and other development programs and to provide the support to overcome the difficulties faced.
7.  Finalize the development projects for the UN, regional and international organizations to carry out in Maldives and to work with the relevant authorities to plan and conduct them.
8.  Expand the role of independent organizations in national development.
9.  Work as the focal point of the government on reaching Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, work with the government authorities to reach these goals, oversee these works and to report to the relevant authorities.
10.  Prepare the Maldives Regional Spatial Plans and classify the population regions.
11.   Make the master plan of the Urban Area, including the urban service centers in the area, economical and socioeconomic areas or islands, and make a plan to integrate the the infrastructures and services.
12.  Prepare the land use plans of islands to sustainably develop the infrastructures of the islands the islands in an environment friendly way, approve the land use plans, and make the development controls regarding the plan and to prepare the operational structures.
13.  Carry out researches on already inhabited islands and newly inhabited islands to improve the quality of the infrastructure of those islands, make the urban redevelopment plan, oversee the progress of the goals reached under this plan and allocate the regions to conduct the redevelopment projects.
14.  Monitor the projects carried out to develop the urban centers and ensure the goals stated on urban areas’ master plan are achieved.
15.  Revise the Development Master Plans of the Urban Centers in regard to the changes in the development area, bring the necessary changes to achieve the goals of National Development Plan.
16.  Make a physical development framework of the whole country for the finest use of lands of Maldives, allocate the methods and procedures to be followed while preparing the physical development plan under this framework, and ensure these methods and procedures are followed.
17.   Formulate the procedures to maintain the land registries and establish a system to maintain such registers with the relevant authorities.
18.  Establish the land related policies, make the rules and regulations that has to be made under the law.
19.  Make procedures and a system to value the land of Maldives with the relevant authorities.
20.  Make a plan to utilize the land of the inhabited islands to build houses and other necessary benefits.
21.  Make housing policies, and plan and carry out ways to implement these policies.
22.  Plan and manage housing programs under the national housing policies.
23.  Establish the basic housing policies for the citizens of Maldives under the national housing policies.
24.   Provide every citizen of the country with an appropriate housing and to establish and manage the policies for this under the national housing policies.
25.   Establish a system to receive housing in an easy way and to ensure housing is provided under such policies. 
26.   Oversee and manage the social housing programs assigned for the ministry.
27.   Implement the (2017/4) Construction Law.
28.   Make policies to develop the Construction Industry and to develop and improve such policies.
29.   Establish the regulations, codes, standards of the construction industry and to oversee and manage them.
30.   Make regulations on “Emmedhu Imaaraaiy”.
31.   Provide expertise for drafting bills of the construction industry and to oversee and manage the industry within the scope of the law.
32.   Establish standards to ensure that the buildings are made to provide a good health and are safe.
33.   Evaluate the people/workers of the construction industry, register and provide licenses for them.
34.   Do the necessary researches to sustainably develop the construction industry.
35.   Build relationships with the international construction organizations, and give instructions to the people working in the construction industry of the Maldives.
36.   Provide necessary trainings for the people interested to work in the construction industry and work with the governmental organizations to develop the technology needed to the construction industry.
37.   Establish a plan to use the spaces in government’s buildings, give instructions and make sure the plan is followed.
38.   Establish the rules and regulations of land reclamation and dredging.
39.   Conduct researches to identify the changes in the construction industry, publish construction indexes and ensure the easy availability of materials needed for construction.
40.   Identify and evaluate the disasters caused by any natural phenomenon and other causes, evaluate the damages done to public buildings and other infrastructure and do researches to ways to reduce such damages.
41.   Establish, manage and monitor projects on public infrastructure (which includes roads, bridge, potable water and sewage service, establishment of energy and communication networks, airports, ports, harbors, land reclamation and coastal protection) and make sure that they are being carried out as per the National Development Plan.
42.   Plan, oversee and see the progress of the projects exceeding MVR. 5 million except projects such as housing policies, environment, climate change and projects regarding meteorology, to be carried out by the government offices.
43.   Carry out the public infrastructure projects with local councils.
44.   Identify and evaluate the disasters caused by any natural phenomenon and other causes, evaluate the damages done to public infrastructures and do researches to provide the government to take the relevant steps from the ministry’s authority.
45.   Provide permanent housing for the people facing loss of housing caused by natural disasters and other disasters.
46.   Provide support from the areas of the ministry to the events conducted by the government.
47.   Establish policies and standards of the programs and projects carried out by the government offices and inform the relevant authorities.
48.   Evaluate bids on the development projects by the government offices and give counsel on the tenders to the Tender Evaluation Board.
49.   Ensure whether the estimated prices provided in the the bill of quantities (BOQ) are appropriate on all the projects except for the environment, climate change and projects regarding meteorology.
50.   Make necessary arrangements to find a party interested to provide the services and maintain the infrastructure systems once those systems are completed.  
51.   Allocated urban development projects for the areas marked under the urban development master plan, and make necessary arrangements to carry out such projects.
52.   Establish a register of the state buildings and other infrastructure and oversee the use of such buildings. 
53.   Allocate spaces for governments’ offices.
54.   Perform all the works legally assigned to the ministry.
Offices mentioned below will be run by the Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure.
1.       Maldives Bureau of Statistics
2.       Department of National Registration
3.       Maldives Land and Survey Authority
Works of Maldives Bureau of Statistics
1.       Establish a policy about the statistics of the Maldives, make the regulations and monitor the National Bureau of Statistics.
2.       Establish and manage the regulations to conduct surveys to obtain statistics, give authorization to carry out surveys by the government and private authorities, maintain a registry of the surveys.
3.       Encourage to maintain same procedures, make sure that the statistics obtained by the government are up to date and accurate.
4.       Write and look after the population registries, provide trainings and assist the relevant authorities to write and look after the registry by maintaining the same procedure, throughout the country.
5.       Monitor the statistics carried out by the government office to decrease the chance of obtaining repeated statistics.
6.     Conducting Population and Housing Census, collect, analyze & publish national statistics needed for the development of the country.
7.       Carry out Population related research and analysis, increase awareness on population issues
8.       Celebrate the world’s census day and carry out programs regarding census.
9.       Gather the statistics needed to establish the development projects.
10.   Gather the statistics needed to gauge economic development and social development, compile and publish the GDP of the country.
11.   Oversee the information system on the delicate living standards of the poor.
12.   Establish a Civil Registration Database, and do all the administrative works regarding that.
13.   Compile, examine, analyze and publish the statistics collected by government offices.
14.   Use the international standards to collect, examine and analyze the statistics of different authorities and establish the national standards and procedures needed to collect the statistics.
15.   Organize and conduct trainings needed for the people working in the statistics area.
Works of Department of National Registration
1.       Make the National Identity card for every citizen above the age of 10, make temporary National Identity cards for children under the age of 10, manage and overlook everything related to this.
2.       Provide the National Identity Number of newborn babies needed for their birth certificate.
3.       To avoid the loss of a right due an expired or lost Identity Card, an official temporary letter proving the persons identity shall be provided until the new card provided.
4.       Make identity cards for government staffs attending the public, manage the records .
5.       Perform the following activities to maintain the death records and records of the newborns
(a)    Provide the foolhumaa form to fulfill information about every newborn child in Maldives without any shortage.
(b)   Provide copies of the foolhumaa form for those who need it and provide the information about the form for those who need them.
(c)    Provide the death form without any shortage.
(d)   Provide copies of the death form for those who need it and provide the information about the form for those who need them
(e)   Train and instruct all the authorities maintaining the newborn and death records on island level or atoll level or zone level or central level.
(f)     Gather, store and examine the records of newborns and death from across the country.
(g)    Monitor the “Online Birth and Death Registration System” made under E-Government.
Works of Maldives Land and Survey Authority
1.       Establish a cadastral survey system in Maldives, and establish the standards and procedures to monitor the land surveys.
2.       Establish a National Geographical Information System, gather all the information on the state-owned lands and establish a procedure on how to use this information.
3.       Form the map of the country, update the map and publish it.
4.       Establish and maintain the land registry of Maldives.
5.       Do all the works regarding photogrammetry.
6.       Identify the state-owned lands, mark them, gather and store all the information about them, provide the information to the relevant authorities.
7.       Identify ways to benefit from the state-owned lands to the government and its citizens.
8.       Assist the government to establish the land related policies, make the information for the process easily accessible.
9.       To allocate lands to implement the government plans and policies and for state use (lands of both inhabited islands and uninhabited islands, land under the lagoon and ocean).
10.   Make, implement and oversee the land related agreements between the government and other authorities.
11.   Manage and oversee the Land Law, Land Regulations and the Administrative Frameworks and give support and guidance to improve the Land Law.
12.   Develop and improve the policies of granting, using, changing the ownership, leasing and sale of land and to provide guidance for these activities.
13.   Amend, manage and publish the land maps of islands.
14.   Make land use plans and allocate regions.
15.   Provide assistance to the government to revise the Land Law and regulations and to manage the such regulations.
16.   Finalize the Land related taxes fees and royalties and assist the authorities on these matters.
17.   Establish a system to make the information on granting, using, changing the ownership, leasing and sale of land easily accessible for the general public.
18.   Participate and represent Maldives in International Organizations beneficial for the country. Participate and conduct in technical programs needed for the operation and development of the administrative framework of land with the help of national and international associations and organizations.
19.   Participate and represent in international land survey and land managing organizations.
20.   Grow and develop the technical skills needed to carry out land transactions.
21.   Provide guidance needed to form the committees required to implement the Land Law Act of Maldives (Act number: 1/2002).
22.   Assist and corporate with government organizations to deal with land related problems.
23.   Make and manage the physical survey regulations and standards, give authorizations for such surveys and look after the registry of the surveyors and the physical surveys.
24.   Conduct the physical surveys by the ministry, provide data collected by such surveys to the relevant government authorities, build and develop resources needed to carry out these surveys.