Building Consent Authorities Registry

No Registration No Name Atoll Island Contact Email Registered Grade Technician Teritory Affliated consent authorities Status
1 BCA2019001 Secretariat of the Maalhos Council, South Maalhosmadulu B Maalhos 6600056 Grade 2 Registered
2 BCA2019002 Secretariat of the Meedhoo Council, South Nilandheatholhu Dh Meedhoo 6760042 Grade 2 Registered
3 BCA2019003 Secretariat of the Ken'dhikulhudhoo Council, South Miladhunmadulu N Kendhikulhudhoo 6560013 Grade 2 Registered
4 BCA2019004 Secretariat of the Naalaafushi Council, Mulakatholhu M Naalaafushi 6720034 Grade 2 Registered
5 BCA2019005 Secretariat of the Ihavandhoo Council, North Thiladhunmathi HA Ihavandhoo 6500013 Grade 2 Registered
6 BCA2019006 Secretariat of the Eydhafushi Council, South Maalhosmadulu B Eydhafushi 6608303 Grade 2 Registered
7 BCA2019007 Secretariat of the Gaafaru Council, Maaleatholhu K Gaafaru 6641941 Grade 2 Registered
8 BCA2019008 Secretariat of the Hithaadhoo Council, South Maalhosmadulu B Hithaadhoo 6600007 Grade 2 Registered
9 BCA2019009 Secretariat of the Naifaru Council, Faadhippolhu Lh Naifaru 6620068 Grade 2 Registered
10 BCA2019010 Secretariat of the Dharan'boodhoo Council, North Nilandheatholhu F Dharanboodhoo 7640015 Grade 1 Ahmed Amir Registered
11 BCA2019011 Secretariat of the Vashafaru Council, North Thiladhunmathi HA Vashafaru 6500039 Grade 2 Registered
12 BCA2019012 Secretariat of the Feeali Council, North Nilandheatholhu F Feeali 6740012 Grade 2 Registered
13 BCA2019013 Secretariat of the Molhadhoo Council, North Thiladhunmathi HA Molhadhoo 6500031 Grade 2 Registered
14 BCA2019014 Secretariat of the In'guraidhoo Council, North Maalhosmadulu R In'guraidhoo 6580028 Grade 2 Registered
15 BCA2019015 Secretariat of the Maakurathu Council, North Maalhosmadulu R Maakurathu 6580015 Grade 2 Registered
16 BCA2019016 Secretariat of the Rasmaadhoo Council, North Maalhosmadulu R Rasmaadhoo 6580049 Grade 2 Registered
17 BCA2019017 Secretariat of the Dhidhdhoo Council, North Thiladhunmathi HA Dhidhdhoo 6500019 Grade 2 Registered
18 BCA2019018 Secretariat of the Hoan'dedhdhoo Council, South Huvadhuatholhu GDh Hoan'dedhdhoo 6840015 Grade 2 Registered
19 BCA2019019 Secretariat of the Fuvammulah City Council Gn Fuvahmulah 6865001 Grade 2 Registered
20 BCA2019020 Secretariat of the Hadhdhunmathi Atoll Council L Fonadhoo 6800713 Grade 2 Registered
21 BCA2019021 Secretariat of the North Nilandheatholhu Atoll Council F Nilandhoo 6740017 Grade 2 Registered
22 BCA2019022 Secretariat of the Dhiyamigili Council, Kolhumadulu Th Diyamigili 6780004 Grade 2 Registered
23 BCA2019023 Secretariat of the Thakandhoo Council, North Thiladhunmathi HA Thakandhoo 6500034 Grade 2 Registered
24 BCA2019024 Secretariat of the Vaikaradhoo Council, South Thiladhunmathi HDh Vaikaradhoo 6520046 Grade 2 Registered
25 BCA2019025 Secretariat of the Velidhoo Council, South Miladhunmadulu N Velidhoo 6560010 Grade 2 Registered
26 BCA2019026 Secretariat of the Kudarikilu Council, South Maalhosmadulu B Kudarikilu 6600039 Grade 2 Registered
27 BCA2019027 Secretariat of the Hangnaameedhoo Council, South Ariatholhu ADh Hangnaameedhoo 6680056 Grade 2 Registered
28 BCA2019028 Secretariat of the Mahibadhoo Council, South Ariatholhu ADh Mahibadhoo 6680773 Grade 2 Registered
29 BCA2019029 Secretariat of the Kurendhoo Council, Faadhippolhu Lh Kurendhoo 6620456/6620001 Grade 2 Registered
30 BCA2019030 Secretariat of the Kalhaidhoo Council, Hadhdhunmathi L Kalhaidhoo 6800730 Grade 2 Registered
31 BCA2019031 Secretariat of the North Thiladhunmathi Atoll Council HA Dhidhdhoo 6500068 Grade 2 Registered
32 BCA2019032 Secretariat of the Feridhoo Council, North Ariatholhu AA Feridhoo 6660545 Grade 2 Registered
33 BCA2019033 Secretariat of the North Maalhosmadulu Atoll Council R Ungoofaaru 6580027 Grade 2 Registered
34 BCA2019034 Secretariat of the Kon'dey Council, North Huvadhuatholhu GA Kondey 6820019 Grade 2 Registered
35 BCA2019035 Secretariat of the Kan'duhulhudhoo Council, North Huvadhuatholhu GA Kanduhulhudhoo 6820020 Grade 2 Registered
36 BCA2019036 Secretariat of the Keyodhoo Council, Felidheatholhu V Keyodhoo 6700601 Grade 2 Registered
37 BCA2019037 Secretariat of the Dhuvaafaru Council, North Maalhosmadulu R Dhuvaafaru 6582701 Grade 2 Registered
38 BCA2019038 Secretariat of the Thimarafushi Council, Kolhumadulu Th Thimarafushi 6780702 Grade 2 Registered
39 BCA2019039 Secretariat of the Maduvvari Council, Mulakatholhu M Maduvvari 6720038 Grade 2 Registered
40 BCA2019040 Secretariat of the Maalhendhoo Council, South Miladhunmadulu N Maalhendhoo 6560026 Grade 2 Registered
41 BCA2019041 Secretariat of the Gemanafushi Council, North Huvadhuatholhu GA Gemanafushi 6820024/79166 Grade 2 Registered
42 BCA2019042 Secretariat of the Guraidhoo Council, Maaleatholhu K Guraidhoo 6640072 Grade 2 Registered
43 BCA2019043 Secretariat of the Huraa Council, Maaleatholhu K Huraa 6640074 Grade 2 Registered
44 BCA2019044 Secretariat of the Maafushi Council, Maaleatholhu K Maafushi 6640073 Grade 2 Registered
45 BCA2019045 Secretariat of the Dhiffushi Council, Maaleatholhu K Dhiffushi 6640071 Grade 2 Registered
46 BCA2019046 Secretariat of the Dhaandhoo Council, North Huvadhuatholhu GA Dhaandhoo 6820026 Grade 1 Mohamed Ageel Registered
47 BCA2019047 Secretariat of the Maamendhoo Council, North Huvadhuatholhu GA Maamendhoo 6820007 Grade 2 Registered
48 BCA2019048 Secretariat of the Hirilandhoo Council, Kolhumadulu Th Hirilandhoo 6780032 Grade 2 Registered
49 BCA2019049 Secretariat of the Filladhoo Council, North Thiladhunmathi HA Filladhoo 6500023 Grade 2 Registered
50 BCA2019050 Secretariat of the Dhigurah Council, South Ariatholhu ADh Dhigurah 6680631 Grade 2 Registered
51 BCA2019051 Secretariat of the Maavah Council, Hadhdhunmathi L Maavah 6800718 Grade 2 Registered
52 BCA2019052 Secretariat of the Buruni Council, Kolhumadulu Th Buruni 6780038 Grade 2 Registered
53 BCA2019053 Secretariat of the Mathiveri Council, North Ariatholhu AA Mathiveri 6662058 Grade 2 Registered
54 BCA2019054 Secretariat of the Maaun'goodhoo Council, North Miladhunmadulu Sh Maaun'goodhoo 6540056 Grade 2 Registered
55 BCA2019055 Secretariat of the Hulhudhuffaaru Council, North Maalhosmadulu R Hulhudhuffaaru 6580069 Grade 2 Registered
56 BCA2019056 Secretariat of the Goidhoo Council, South Maalhosmadulu B Goidhoo 6600005 Grade 2 Registered
57 BCA2019057 Secretariat of the Nilandhoo Council, North Nilandheatholhu F Nilandhoo 6740016 Grade 2 Registered
58 BCA2019058 Secretariat of the Utheemu Council, North Thiladhunmathi HA Utheemu 6500038 Grade 2 Registered
59 BCA2019059 Secretariat of the Maarandhoo Council, North Thiladhunmathi HA Maarandhoo 6500029 Grade 2 Registered
60 BCA2019060 Secretariat of the Nellaidhoo Council, South Thiladhunmathi HDh Nellaidhoo 6520041 Grade 2 Registered
61 BCA2019061 Secretariat of the Kulhudhuffushi Council, South Thiladhunmathi HDh Kulhuduffushi 6528831 Grade 2 Registered
62 BCA2019062 Secretariat of the Kan'ditheemu Council, North Miladhunmadulu Sh Kanditheemu 6540041 Grade 2 Registered
63 BCA2019063 Secretariat of the Foakaidhoo Council, North Miladhunmadulu Sh Foakaidhoo 6540048 Grade 2 Registered
64 BCA2019064 Secretariat of the Lhaimagu Council, North Miladhunmadulu Sh Lhaimagu 6540051 Grade 2 Registered
65 BCA2019065 Secretariat of the Milandhoo Council, North Miladhunmadulu Sh Milandhoo 6540063 Grade 2 Registered
66 BCA2019066 Secretariat of the Miladhoo Council, South Miladhunmadulu N Miladhoo 7470014 Grade 2 Registered
67 BCA2019067 Secretariat of the Holhudhoo Council, South Miladhunmadulu N Holhudhoo 6560009 Grade 2 Registered
68 BCA2019068 Secretariat of the South Miladhunmadulu Atoll Council N Manadhoo 6560028/6560012 Grade 2 Registered
69 BCA2019069 Secretariat of the Madifushi Council, Kolhumadulu Th Madifushi 6780034 Grade 1 Hassan Thasneem Registered
70 BCA2019070 Secretariat of the Hinnavaru Council, Faadhippolhu Lh Hinnavaru 6620301 Grade 2 Registered
71 BCA2019071 Secretariat of the Olhuvelifushi Council, Faadhippolhu Lh Olhuvelifushi 6620075 Grade 2 Registered
72 BCA2019072 Secretariat of the Vandhoo Council, Kolhumadulu Th Vandhoo 6780041 Grade 2 Registered
73 BCA2019073 Secretariat of the Maamendhoo Council, Hadhdhunmathi L Maamendhoo 6800705 Grade 2 Registered
74 BCA2019074 Secretariat of the Hanimaadhoo Council, South Thiladhunmathi HDh Hanimaadhoo 6520028 Grade 2 Registered
75 BCA2019075 Secretariat of the Thulhaadhoo Council, South Maalhosmadulu B Thulhaadhoo 6600006 Grade 2 Registered
76 BCA2019076 Secretariat of the Kudafari Council, South Miladhunmadulu N Kudafari 6560015 Grade 2 Registered
77 BCA2019077 Secretariat of the Alifushi Council, North Maalhosmadulu R Alifushi 6580021 Grade 2 Registered
78 BCA2019078 Secretariat of the Kudahuvadhoo Council, South Nilandheatholhu Dh Kudahuvadhoo 6760023 Grade 2 Registered
79 BCA2019079 Secretariat of the Fenfushi Council, South Ariatholhu ADh Fenfushi 6680539 Grade 2 Registered
80 BCA2019080 Secretariat of the Lhohi Council, South Miladhunmadulu N Lhohi 6560032 Grade 2 Registered
81 BCA2019081 Secretariat of the Maduvvari Council, North Maalhosmadulu R Maduvvari 6580026 Grade 2 Registered
82 BCA2019082 Secretariat of the Dhonfan Council, South Maalhosmadulu B Dhonfan 6600054 Grade 2 Registered
83 BCA2019083 Secretariat of the Felidhoo Council, Felidheatholhu V Felidhoo 6700720 Grade 2 Registered
84 BCA2019084 Secretariat of the Thoddoo Council, North Ariatholhu AA Thoddoo 6660537 Grade 2 Registered
85 BCA2019085 Secretariat of the Un'goofaaru Council, North Maalhosmadulu R Ungoofaaru 6580118 Grade 2 Registered
86 BCA2019086 Secretariat of the Thinadhoo Council, South Huvadhuatholhu GDh Thinadhoo 6841032/6841718 Grade 2 Registered
87 BCA2019087 Secretariat of the Vaadhoo Council, South Huvadhuatholhu GDh Vaadhoo 6840005 Grade 2 Registered
88 BCA2019088 Secretariat of the Nadellaa Council, South Huvadhuatholhu GDh Nadellaa 6840007 Grade 2 Registered
89 BCA2019089 Secretariat of the Kendhoo Council, South Maalhosmadulu B Kendhoo 6600004 Grade 2 Registered
90 BCA2019090 Secretariat of the Male' City Council K Male' 3321684 Grade 2 Registered
91 BCA2019091 Secretariat of the Mulah Council, Mulakatholhu M Mulah 6720601 Grade 2 Registered
92 BCA2019092 Secretariat of the Dhan'gethi Council, South Ariatholhu ADh Dhan'gethi 6680888 Grade 2 Registered
93 BCA2019093 Secretariat of the Hen'badhoo Council, South Miladhunmadulu N Hen'badhoo 6560018 Grade 2 Registered
94 BCA2019094 Secretariat of the Kinolhas Council, North Maalhosmadulu R Kinolhas 6580073 Grade 2 Registered
95 BCA2019095 Secretariat of the Fodhdhoo Council, South Miladhunmadulu N Fodhdhoo 6560016 Grade 2 Registered
96 BCA2019096 Secretariat of the Fehendhoo Council, South Maalhosmadulu B Fehendhoo 6600058 Grade 2 Registered
97 BCA2019097 Secretariat of the Bileiyfahi Council, North Miladhunmadulu Sh Bileiyfahi 6540047 Grade 2 Registered
98 BCA2019098 Secretariat of the Rasdhoo Council, North Ariatholhu AA Rasdhoo 6660714 Grade 2 Registered
99 BCA2019099 Secretariat of the Kelaa Council, North Thiladhunmathi HA Kelaa 6500027 Grade 2 Registered
100 BCA2019100 Secretariat of the Maamigili Council, South Ariatholhu ADh Maamigili 6680538 Grade 2 Registered
101 BCA2019101 Secretariat of the Dhan'bidhoo Council, Hadhdhunmathi L Dhan'bidhoo 6800724 Grade 2 Registered
102 BCA2019102 Secretariat of the Diggaru Council, Mulakatholhu M Diggaru 6720031 Grade 2 Registered
103 BCA2019103 Secretariat of the Omadhoo Council, Kolhumadulu Th Omadhoo 6780039 Grade 2 Registered
104 BCA2019104 Secretariat of the Mundoo Council, Hadhdhunmathi L Mundoo 6800714 Grade 2 Registered
105 BCA2019105 Secretariat of the Bodufolhudhoo Council, North Ariatholhu AA Bodufolhudhoo 6660657 Grade 2 Registered
106 BCA2019106 Secretariat of the Kaashidhoo Council, Maaleatholhu K Kaashidhoo 6645377 Grade 2 Registered
107 BCA2019107 Secretariat of the Nolhivaran Council, South Thiladhunmathi HDh Nolhivaran 6520043 Grade 2 Registered
108 BCA2019108 Secretariat of the Thinadhoo Council, Felidheatholhu V Thinadhoo 6700604 Grade 2 Registered
109 BCA2019109 Secretariat of the Goidhoo Council, North Miladhunmadulu Sh Goidhoo 6540043 Grade 2 Registered
110 BCA2019110 Secretariat of the Manadhoo Council, South Miladhunmadulu N Manadhoo 6560029 Grade 2 Registered
111 BCA2019111 Secretariat of the Fonadhoo Council, Hadhdhunmathi L Fonadhoo 6800082 Grade 2 Registered
112 BCA2019112 Secretariat of the Kan'doodhoo Council, Kolhumadulu Th Kandoodhoo 6780036 Grade 2 Registered
113 BCA2019113 Secretariat of the Vilufushi Council, Kolhumadulu Th Vilufushi 6780701 Grade 2 Registered
114 BCA2019114 Secretariat of the Gan Council, Hadhdhunmathi L Gan 6800766 Grade 2 Registered
115 BCA2019115 Secretariat of the Maalhos Council, North Ariatholhu AA Maalhos 6660059 Grade 2 Registered
116 BCA2019116 Secretariat of the Meedhoo Council, North Maalhosmadulu R Meedhoo 6580020 Grade 2 Registered
117 BCA2019117 Secretariat of the Landhoo Council, South Miladhunmadulu N Landhoo 6560007 Grade 2 Registered
118 BCA2019118 Secretariat of the Kun'burudhoo Council, South Ariatholhu ADh Kunburudhoo 6680053 Grade 2 Registered
119 BCA2019119 Secretariat of the Magoodhoo Council, South Miladhunmadulu N Magoodhoo 6560031 Grade 2 Registered
121 BCA2019121 Secretariat of the Kunahandhoo Council, Hadhdhunmathi L Kunahandhoo 9995970 Grade 2 Registered
122 BCA2019122 Secretariat of the Maroshi Council, North Miladhunmadulu Sh Maroshi 6540054 Grade 1 Mohamed Siraj Ibrahim Registered
123 BCA2019123 Secretariat of the Kihaadhoo Council, South Maalhosmadulu B Kihaadhoo 6600053 Grade 2 Registered
124 BCA2019124 Secretariat of the Addu City Council S Hithadhoo 6885003 Grade 1 Ali Haisham Registered
125 BCA2019125 Secretariat of the Fulidhoo Council, Felidheatholhu V Fulidhoo 6700603 Grade 2 Registered
126 BCA2019126 Secretariat of the Fulhadhoo Council, South Maalhosmadulu B Fulhadhoo 6600057 Grade 2 Registered
127 BCA2019127 Secretariat of the North Miladhunmadulu Atoll Council Sh Funadhoo 6540025 Grade 2 Registered
128 BCA2019128 Greater Male' Industrial Zone Limited k Male' 3307515 Grade 1 Mohamed Abdul Haady Registered
129 BCA2019129 Secretariat of the Dharavandhoo Council, South Maalhosmadulu B Dharavandhoo 6600002 Grade 2 Registered
130 BCA2019130 Secretariat of the Omadhoo Council, South Ariatholhu ADh Omadhoo 6680542 Grade 2 Registered
131 BCA2019131 Secretariat of the Rathafandhoo Council, South Huvadhuatholhu GDh Rathafandhoo 6840016 Grade 2 Registered
132 BCA2020132 Secretariat of the Thulusdhoo Council, Maaleatholhu K Thulusdhoo 6640183 Grade 2 Registered
133 BCA2020133 Secretariat of the Veymandoo Council, Kolhumadulu Th Veymandoo 6780083 Grade 2 Registered
134 BCA2020134 Secretariat of the Faresmaathoda Council, South Huvadhuatholhu GDh Faresmaathoda 6840004 Grade 2 Ashraf Rasheed Registered
135 BCA2020135 Secretariat Bileiydhoo Council, North Nilandheatholhu F Bileiydhoo 6740013 Grade 1 Ahmed Fayaz Registered
136 BCA2020136 Secretariat of the Hulhudheli Council, South Nilandheatholhu Dh Hulhudheli 6760049/6760664 Grade 2 Ahmed Shiyam Registered
137 BCA2021137 Secretariat of Sh.Funadhoo Council, North Miladhunmadulu Sh. Funadhoo 6540052 Grade 2 Hussain Shiyam Registered
138 BCA2021138 Secretariat of the R.Vaadhoo Council, North Maalhosmadulu R Vaadhoo 658-0074 Grade 2 Ahmed Ziyau Registered
139 BCA2021139 Secretariat of the Innamaadhoo Council, North Maalhosmadulu R Innamaadhoo 9122102/6580052 Grade 2 Fazeel Ahmed Registered
140 BCA2021140 Secretariat of the Himandhoo Council, North Ariatholhu AA Himandhoo 6660061/9994954 Grade 2 Ahmed Sameer Registered
No Registration No Name Atoll Island Contact Email Registered Grade Technician Teritory Affliated consent authorities Status