State Minister Akram met the Gdh. Thinadhoo Council

08 November 2022

State Minister Akram met the Gdh. Thinadhoo Council
Minister of State for National, Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Akram Kamaaluddin met the council members of Gdh.Thinadhoo.
During a one-day visit to Gdh. Thinadhoo, state Minister met with the council members and discussions were made regarding the ongoing housing projects carried out by the ministry at the Island.
After the official meeting, state minister accompanied by the council members visited the site where the housing units are to be built in Thinadhoo.
The 200 housing units that are to be built at the site is contracted to Sierra construction and Star construction - joint venture on the 6th October 2022. Under this project, 200 housing units of 700 acres would be constructed, with each unit consisting of 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a laundry and storage room. Along with this, the building will be made well-lit with a park constructed nearby. The total cost of this project is MVR 253,990,863.00/- from 2022 PSIP budget and is expected to be completed within 540 days.
Including this project four more projects are being carried out in the Island. In 2019 Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) was contracted to design and construct Thinadhoo Ice Plant Area Quay Wall, and T-jetty and in 2021 Road Development Corporation (RDC) was contracted for the road tarring project - phase 2 of Thinadhoo. Moreover, in the January of this year, MTCC was contracted for the land reclamation and shore protection of the Industrial Zone in the Island.