Dutch Company Van Oord Contracted for Addu City's Provision of Additional Land

27 March 2022

Dutch Company Van Oord Contracted for Addu City's Provision of Additional Land
Addu City’s provision of additional land under the shore protection project will be handled by a Dutch Company called Van Oord.
Today, Addu City hosted a special event in the honor of the shore protection project. Permanent Secretary Zeeniya Ahmed Hameed signed the contract on behalf of the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure while Dredging Director Cornelius Adriand Dibreyn signed on behalf of Van Oord.
Under this project, a total of 194.3 hectares of land will be provisioned in Addu. That is 90 hectares of land in Hithadhoo, 76 hectares of land in Maradhoo/MaradhooFeydhoo and additional land for three islands that will be provisioned for the purpose of tourism development. Each of these islands being 8.3 hectares. A four-lane detour link road bridge embankment will be built with 3.3 hectares of land.
In addition to this, a 4700-meter breakwater will be built in Hithadhoo to protect the newly built harbor expansion area. Along with a 3400-meter breakwater for Maradhoo/MaradhooFeydhoo, a 4140-meter geo tube for the three islands specialized in tourism and a 1575-meter breakwater for the four-lane detour link road embankment will be done under this project.
This project is funded USD 800 million and will be carried out under a direct line of credit facility from the Exim Bank of India. The total cost of this project is MVR 1.3 billion and is expected to be completed within 18 months.