Public Works Services Department

Identify and evaluate the disasters caused by any natural phenomenon and other causes, evaluate the damages done to public infrastructures and do researches to provide the government to take the relevant steps within the ministry’s authority. Establish, manage and monitor projects on public infrastructure (which includes roads, bridge, potable water and sewage service, establishment of energy and communication networks, airports, ports, harbors, land reclamation and coastal protection) and make sure that they are being carried out as per the National Development Plan. Overseeing and monitoring all the road road development projects carried out in island, providing these services to the public through the local councils. Providing support and guidance to the Local Councils to establish football stadiums and other sports facilities for the social well-being of the public. Allocating spaces for government offices and doing all the interior and exterior works of such buildings. Providing mechanical workshop services, and providing support and guidance to the Male’ City council in regard to the social of its people.