Planning Department

Make a physical development framework of the whole country for the finest use of lands of Maldives, allocate the methods and procedures to be followed while preparing the physical development plan under this framework, and ensure these methods and procedures are followed.
Formulate the procedures to maintain the land registries and establish a system to maintain such registers with the relevant authorities. Establish the land related policies, make the rules and regulations that has to be made under the law. Make procedures and a system to value the land of Maldives with the relevant authorities. Make a plan to utilize the land of the inhabited islands to build houses and other necessary benefits. Make housing policies, and plan and carry out ways to implement these policies. Plan and manage housing programs under the national housing policies. Establish the basic housing policies for the citizens of Maldives under the national housing policies.
Make the master plan of the Urban Area, including the urban service centers in the area, economical and socioeconomic areas or islands, and make a plan to integrate the infrastructure and services. Prepare the land use plans of islands to sustainably develop the infrastructures of the islands the islands in an environment friendly way, approve the land use plans, and make the development controls regarding the plan and to prepare the operational structures. Carry out researches on already inhabited islands and newly inhabited islands to improve the quality of the infrastructure of those islands, make the urban redevelopment plan, oversee the progress of the goals reached under this plan and allocate the regions to conduct the redevelopment projects. Monitor the projects carried out to develop the urban centers and ensure the goals stated on urban areas’ master plan are achieved. Revise the Development Master Plans of the Urban Centers in regard to the changes in the development area, bring the necessary changes to achieve the goals of National Development Plan.

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