Corporate Department

The corporate government consists of 7 sections. The main responsibilities of the 7 sections are   to provide support service for the ministry. Also, to fulfil the duties of permanent secretary, mentioned in the chapter 7 of the Civil Service Regulation. This is to implement the mandate of the ministry as mentioned in the framework of the government.
Sections under the corporate department: Administrative works, providing office opening passes, managing the stock, looking after the vehicles registered under the ministry, administrative section responsible for the management of asset recovery works, finding employees and maintaining everything related to the employees, training the employees and implementing the laws and regulations of civil service, human resources section for maintaining a peaceful work environment and to build the work spirits of the employees, procurement section to find and provide the sections with goods and services required under the financial regulations and procurement policies. Information Technology section to look after the office server, computer network, software, government e-letter management system provided by the N.C.I.T, PABX system. Finance section to make and look after the budget of every annual year and financial year, procurement and disbursement plans, all the financial works under the ministry, budget reports and annual financial reports. Public relations section to provide the medias with photos and videos of events and answer the queries asked by the medias. Legal section to provide legal consultation to the ministry and providing the attorney general’s office with the information in regard to cases filed against the ministry.

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