Construction Industry Development Department

Works of the construction industry development department is to plan, guide, manage, oversee and develop the policies and strategies to develop the construction industry as mentioned in the mandate of the ministry.
Implement the (2017/4) Construction Law, make policies to develop the Construction Industry and to improve such policies, establish the regulations, codes, standards of the construction industry and to oversee and manage them, provide expertise for drafting bills of the construction industry and to oversee and manage the industry within the scope of the law and establish standards to ensure that the buildings are made to provide a good health and are safe.
Also evaluate the people/workers of the construction industry, register and provide licenses for them, do the necessary researches to sustainably develop the construction industry, build relationships with the international construction organizations, give instructions to the people working in the construction industry of the Maldives, provide necessary training for the people interested to work in the construction industry, work with the governmental organizations to develop the technology needed by the construction industry, establish a plan to use the spaces in government’s buildings, give instructions and make sure the plan is followed, establish the rules and regulations of land reclamation and dredging and conduct researches to identify the changes in the construction industry, publish construction indexes and ensure the easy availability of materials needed for construction.

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