Contractors Registry

Category Name ID
General Building Contractors GC01
General Civil Contractors GC02

Category Name ID
Harbour Contuction Works HC01
Dregding Works HC02
Reclamation Works HC03

Category Name ID
Sewerage System Works UC01
Power Distribution System Works UC02
Water Distribution System Works UC03
Gas Distribution System Works UC04

Category Name ID
Masonry and Plastering Works OB01
Tilling Works OB02
Glazing, Windows and Cladding Works OB03
Painting Works OB04
Steel and Welding Works OB05
Carpentry and Interior Finishing OB06
Excavation and Demolition Works OB07
Concrete Repair and Corrosion Protection Work OB08

Category Name ID
Air-condition / Ventilation Work ME01
Building Automation Control, Communication and Security System ME02
Electrical and Power Distribution Work ME03
Fire Protection ME04
Vertical and Horizontal Transport System ME05
Telephone and Telecommunication ME06
Mechanical Work ME07
Plumbing and Sanitary Work ME08

Category Name ID
Basic Building Material SY01
Chemicals SY02
Electrical Equipment SY03
Electrical and Electronic Material, Product and Components SY04
Finishing and Building Products SY05
Gases and Petroleum Products SY06
Mechanical Equipment and Plant and Machinery SY07
Mechanical Materials Product and Components SY08
Metal and Timber for Structure SY09
Sanitary Products SY010

Category Name ID
Building Maintenance OT01
Sign and Craft OT02
Pest Control OT03

Category Name ID
Construction Material Manufacturer CM01