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National Planning Council

The National Planning Council (NPC) was formed on 3rd February 2009 to ensure coordination of planning functions of different sectors, to determine national priorities, to provide advice on long term development policies and strategies, to ensure sustainable development of the nation and to ensure balanced and equitable development at provincial level.

“Due to the change of the Government , the work of the National Planning Council is currently under reform. Therefore all proposals and issues submitted to Department of National Planning / National Planning Council is on hold for the time being."

Proposals are to be submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury (Ameenee Magu) with a cover letter, contact details (Name, email address and phone number) and soft copy of the proposal. Proposals without this information will not be accepted.

"Information on status of projects submitted to DNP will only be provided by emails sent to res@planning.gov.mv Any email regarding proposals must be sent via the email address given on the proposal submission. Information will not be given in person or over phone as we cannot ensure the confidentiality of the proposals in this manner"

List of islands with CURRENT STATUS of islands and NPC Proposal (updated 16 February 2012)

Status of all projects submitted to National Planning Council (updated 19 March 2012)

Please click for guidelines for projects as approved by NPC