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  • 16 December 1978: Establishment of the National Planning Agency (NPA).
  • 10 November 1982: National Planning Agency was changed to a Ministry and the Agency’s name was changed to ‘Ministry of Planning and National Development’ (MPND).
  • 12 December 1988: In recognition of the importance of environmental issues to the development of Maldives, responsibility for environmental matters was integrated in to MPND and hence the Ministry was renamed as ‘Ministry of Planning and Environment’ (MPE).
  • 11 November 1993: MPE was renamed as the ‘Ministry of Planning, Human Resources and   Environment’ (MPHRE) to focus on developing and improving the quality of human resources as it was important for the development of the country.
  • 11 November 1998: MPHRE was renamed as ‘Ministry of Planning and National Development’ (MPND) and the work related to the environmental issues and human resources was transferred to two other ministries.
  • 13 November 2008: MPND was changed to a department called the 'Department of National Planning' (DNP) which is run under the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.


Plan, facilitate and co-ordinate national development towards a nation of excellence.


The vision of the Department of National Planning is to build up its capacity to plan and facilitate national development, for the Maldives to achieve:

  • Prosperous economic growth and social progress;
  • Modern infrastructure and facilities;
  • Efficient management and services;
  • Advanced technology, knowledge and skills;
  • A pleasant and satisfying living environment;
  • A high quality of life.


  • To promote national development through effective planning
  • To ensure optimum and sustainable utilization of available resources.
  • To facilitate easy access to infrastructure and services for all Maldivian through population and development consolidation strategies, by the year 2010.
  • To guide balance development and enhance the quality of life.


  • Formulate the National Development Plan (NDP) and ensure conformity of Sectoral Master Plans to the NDP.
  • Formulate policies on socio-economic development and identify development indicators; and formulate and implement development consolidation strategies.
  • Appraise, select and prioritize projects submitted for inclusion in the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP).
  • Monitor NDP, PSIP and other developmental activities and take necessary action with appropriate consultation.
  • Determine and develop standards for socio-economic services and infrastructure required for island populations.
  • Undertake necessary social and economic research required for the formulation of policies and strategies for national development.
  • Formulate policies on spatial distribution of population and identify locations for population and economic centres.
  • Produce and update the map of the Maldives and establish and maintain the National Geographic Information System.
  • Formulate policies and regulations on national statistics and coordinate statistical data collection operations in the Maldives.
  • Conduct population and housing census; compile national accounts; and collect, compile and publish national statistics.
  • Formulate national population policies, conduct population research and coordinate population projects.
  • Carry out all functions related or pertaining to the legal mandate of  the Department of National Planning.

Quick Facts

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