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Dharubaaruge Booking Form
Job Application Form


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Keyholder Application Form
Velaanaage Door Access Application Form


CIDD Forms

Contractor Registration Application form (CIDD-CR/2019V1)
CR Application form & Project experience form
Practitioner's Registration Form - CIDD-PRF/2019V1
Practitioner's Track Record Form - CIDD-PRF(PE)/2019V1
Imaarai kurumuge masahkathah beynunkuraa thakethi test kuraa thanthan registry kurumah edhey form
Material Import _ Production Approval Form
Material Testing Laboratory Form


Advertisements and TOR

Consultancy Services for Conducting detailed investigations and Design development for Coastal Protection at K.Thulusdhoo, Sh.Milandhoo, Lh.Kurendshoo, Lh.Olhuvelifushi, Ha.Uligamu and Adh.Omadhoo, Maldives


Job Advertisements and TOR

Project Engineer (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-90
ORIO Project Engineer TOR.pdf
Financial Management Officer (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-91
ORIO Financial Management Officer TOR


Architectural Consultant, Engineering Consultant, Procurement Specialist, Project Coordinator (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-114
Architectural Consultant TOR
Engineering Consultant TOR
Procurement Specialist TOR
Project Coordinator TOR


Technical Consultant (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-123
Technical Consultant (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-123 TOR


Legal Officer (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-121
Graphic Designer (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-122


Assistant Project Coordinator (IUL)471-PIDS3/1/2019/124
Assistant Project Coordinator TOR (IUL)471-PIDS3/1/2019/124


Consultant (Architect,Engineer, Building Service Engineer) (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-149
Consultant (Architect,Engineer, Building Service Engineer) TOR (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-149


Director (CIDD) (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-157
Director (CIDD) (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-158
Director (National Planning) (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-162


Senior Project Officer (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-154


Assistant Civil Engineer (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-151


Engineering Technician (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-159
Planning Officer (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-153


Administrative Officer (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-160
Administrative Officer (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-161
Assistant Construction Officer (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-143
Assistant Construction Officer (IUL)471-CDS5-1-2019-155


Senior Administrative officer (A2 Form)